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Custom Artwork

Our artists encourage lovers of Art to contact La Citadelle for custom artwork.
Say you love an artist's style but the subject portrayed doesn't suit the stye of your home. You can commission a piece of artwork designed around the subject you desire.
  • For example, Boza Damjanovski specializes in painting ancient religious and mythological figures - you can order an amendment to an existing painting - for example, a different color, or an added element. Or you can order a completely unique piece and discuss size, shape, color, and subject with the artist. La Citadelle will gladly act as facilitator and translator.
  • In another example, Kemal Ramujkic created a gorgeous painting of an art patron's pet - Nikita the dog, standing next to an ornate gate. It made a beautiful present and is the perfect way to honor your loving pet and forever keep them in your memory. Below is one of Kemal's paintings of a different dog next to a gate. For sale.
Please contact Vesna Boscovic to discuss commissioned artwork on 224-622-9578.